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I decided to rewrite this page because my old descriptions did not exactly match the reviews. I try to be as honest as I can when rating sites. I give each site a rating from one to five stars, with half stars in between. Since sites change over time and I can not visit each site all the time, there may be a slight inaccuracy, but I suspect there should be a margin of error no larger than one star.

I base my reviews on how much original content is in the members section. I do not review the free section of a site; I figure that since it is free, you would be the best judge of what you find in there. In some cases the majority of a site may be free, so the review would not be accurate for the site as a whole. Videos have more weight in a review than photos, and other factors include quality of the videos and pictures, video length and picture size, live feeds, frequency of the updates, extra features, sections and bonus materials.

If you are still not sure what this all means, then if you have seen some shemale sites, then figure if that site is reviewed here, then a site with the same rating should have simular amount of content.

Here is what the stars mean on this site in general:

The site has little content, very outdated or has spam.
The site has photos, but lacks videos or other content.
The site has nice photo sections and some video clips with frequent updates.
The site is regulary updated with many high quality video clips and galleries.
The site went out of their way to give you excessive amounts of content.

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